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Last updated 1/2020

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  • Understand how JavaScript works: queue, stack, heap, stack overflow, event loop, task queue, etc.
  • Master ES6 new syntaxes: let, map, set, Symbol, iterator, generator, reflect, promise, proxy, etc.
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Completely understand the JavaScript inheritance and the prototype chain
  • ES6 Module and CommonJS
  • Constructors and classes
  • Real-life creative ways of designing constructors and inheritance programs
  • The strict mode
  • Tail call optimization
  • Recursion
  • Deep and shallow object copy
  • Two-way data binding

Your Second JavaScript Course udemy tutorials free download

This course includes

      • 9 hours on-demand video
      • 11 articles
      • 185 downloadable resources
      • Full lifetime access
      • Access on mobile and TV
      • Certificate of Completion



Fill up knowledge loopholes: var, let, const, hoisting, temporal dead zone
TDZ: Temporal Dead Zone
Real-life application of LET
+Fill up knowledge loopholes: function hoisting, arguments, caller, callee, THIS
5 lectures18:24
+Closure and arrow function
5 lectures10:54
+Destructure: the ‘fancy’ way of setting variable values
5 lectures13:08
+ES6 new syntax: Map and Set
4 lectures09:46
+ES6 new syntax: Symbol
5 lectures08:42
+ES6 new syntax: Iterator and generator
6 lectures21:11
+ES6 new syntax: Promise
7 lectures27:11
+ES6 new syntax: async await
2 lectures06:18
+ES6 new syntax: Reflect and Proxy
10 lectures34:01
1 lecture05:17
4 lectures15:48
+ES6 Module: import export
6 lectures17:21
+The strict mode
2 lectures06:15
+The Object prototype chain and the prototypal inheritance
4 lectures10:29
+The Object Constructor and its methods
11 lectures19:55
+Accessor and its application: two-way data binding
3 lectures05:19
5 lectures13:20
5 lectures14:41
+Extending classes
7 lectures19:57
+Stack, queue, heap, process, thread, recursion, macro and micro task
4 lectures16:09
+Event loop and task queue
3 lectures11:43
+Tail call optimization: one frame in stack at a time
2 lectures08:12
+Encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
6 lectures13:27
+Deep and shallow object copy
4 lectures15:03
+Garbage collection and circular dependency
2 lectures04:45
+BONUS: basic computing knowledge
1 lecture01:31
+Array and string related interview questions
14 lectures32:16
+Data type related interview questions
3 lectures06:08
+Check data type
4 lectures11:22
+Scope-related interview questions
2 lectures04:25
+Bubble sorting algorithm (SUPER DETAILED)
13 lectures32:56
+Cocktail sorting
2 lectures08:34
+Quick sorting
2 lectures08:49
+Counting sorting
4 lectures10:19
+Insertion sorting
2 lectures05:57
+Bucket sorting
2 lectures15:40
+Selection sorting
2 lectures04:34
+Time and space complexity: big O notation
1 lecture07:18
+Data structure with JavaScript
2 lectures13:26
+Binary heap and its application: heap sorting
4 lectures10:53
+The Observer Pattern
3 lectures06:46
+Things you don’t know about the FOR loop
2 lectures07:58
+Quick review & refresher
9 lectures24:30


I already know some of ES6 but this course does indeed introduce things i never knew before and doesn’t beat around the bush delivering them to me. Section 1 was great. Looking forward to next ones.e?

This girl’s Webapck course is the best, and so is this course. I love it from the first skimming through the videos as I learned and understood a ton. It’s perfection.

Excellent course, covers ES6 and advanced topics like event loop, async, etc. Lots of practical tips and examples.

This course is so boring . No exercises and no deep explanations of how things work . A tenth grade examples

  • Students who want to take their JavaScript skill to the next level
  • Students who need to enhance their JavaScript knowledge foundation
  • Students who need to master advanced and confusing JavaScript topics like prototype chain, event loop, closure, etc.
  • Developers who need to know more about the running mechanism of JavaScript
  • Developers who need to improve the efficiency and quality of their codes

About this course:

This is a JavaScript enhancement course, designed to help junior JavaScript developers gain a wider and deeper understanding of JavaScript.

If you want to take the leap from a junior JavaScript developer to a senior one, then you have found the right course.

What you will learn: 

You will learn ES6 new features like destructuring assignment, async/await, reflect, proxy, symbol, iterator, generator, etc.

Then you will learn the JavaScript object system and prototypal inheritance in the most detailed way. You will learn every methods the Object constructor has.

To completely understand how JavaScript works, you will learn advanced topics like thread, process, stack, queue, heap, task queue, event loop, recursion, deep and shallow object copy, etc.

To further boost your coding skills, you will also learn 8 sorting algorithmsbubble sorting, cocktail sorting, quick sorting, counting sorting, insertion sorting, bucket sorting, selection sorting and heap sorting.

You will also develop a proper understanding of linear and non-linear data structures, including array, linked list, binary search tree, max heap, min heap, etc.

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