The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications [Download] Free Udemy Course

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications [Download] Free Udemy Course

A complete Python course for both beginners and intermediates! Master Python 3 by making 10 amazing Python apps udemy courses free download

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications torrent download free

4.5 (36,331 ratings)
172,338 students enrolled
Created by Ardit Sulce
Last updated 4/2020

264 lectures

5 lectures

The Basics: Small Program
4 lectures

The Basics: Data Types
14 lectures

The Basics: Operations with Data Types
8 lectures

The Basics: Functions and Conditionals
10 lectures

The Basics: Processing User Input
4 lectures

The Basics: Loops
9 lectures

Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Program
5 lectures

List Comprehensions
4 lectures

More on Functions
6 lectures

File Processing
9 lectures

Imported Modules
5 lectures

Application 1: Build an Interactive English Dictionary
16 lectures

Project Exercise with Python and MySQL: Interactive English Dictionary
3 lectures

Data Analysis with Pandas
18 lectures

5 lectures

Application 2: Create Webmaps with Python and Folium
16 lectures

Fixing Programming Errors
5 lectures

Application 3: Build a Website Blocker
10 lectures

Application 4: Build a Personal Website with Python and Flask
12 lectures

Graphical User Interfaces with Tkinter
5 lectures

Interacting with Databases
6 lectures

Application 5: Build a Desktop Database Application
9 lectures

Object Oriented Programming
8 lectures

Python for Image and Video Processing with OpenCV
8 lectures

Application 6: Build a Webcam Motion Detector
3 lectures

Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh
17 lectures

Webscraping with Python Beautiful Soup
4 lectures

Application 7: Scrape Real Estate Property Data from the Web
8 lectures

Application 8: Build a Web-based Financial Graph
12 lectures

Application 9: Build a Data Collector Web App with PostGreSQL and Flask
11 lectures

Application 10: Project Exercise on Building a Geocoder Web Service
4 lectures

Legacy Exercises
0 lectures

Offers for my Other Python Courses
1 lecture

This course is not for beginners. If you already have some knowledge about programming then only you can try this course. But Some projects are made in 2015/2016. It’s a very old course.
Great learning experience, great support from the teaching assistants and community. I enjoyed the exposure the whole course gives to various uses of Python by building real world applications live on the go – code debugging and all. Thanks a lot.
Very good course and instructor. Explained every bit of what he’s doing. Managed to learn everything he thought except the camera detection which I’m not interested in. I’ve been trying the other courses I bought and now disappointed as I’ve been comparing them to this course/instructor. This is very good start for those who have no knowledge at all in programming. Bonus: very active in the Q&A too. Bought his 2 other Python exercises courses too and finished them all.
The course showcases a lot of the things that are possible to do in python and introduces som methods of solving real world problems.
I learned a lot from the course but if you are a newcomer to programming and python I would recommend taking a more basic and thorough introduction as this course runs quite fast over most concepts.
I have been interested in learning programming for a long time now. I always saw youtube videos on the basics and did courses on starting out. However I never really got past that part… This course is perfect for someone like me who had the basics of python but just need an extra push to have some experience in different branches of programming, such a GUI’s, databases, web development etc… I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their programming to the next level. This course will also let you taste many aspects, which will help you decide what branch of programming you want to further explore in your career.

The Python Mega Course get udemy courses for free

I have rolled many Udemy courses. But this is the one I really took advantage of. This course is very beneficial. I strongly advice you all if you are interested in Python.
I was new to Python and this course provided a lot of content that helped me get started. I now have a basic understanding of Python and enough knowledge to start writing applications. I really enjoyed this course and Ardit presented this well. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications download free udemy course

The Instructor knew how to make the lectures very interesting. For me, I have enrolled myself in a few other courses in Udemy but this is the first one I have finished although some other courses I started a year ago but never finished. I liked how there was lots of practice and it definitely was challenging especially when I would follow the instructions exactly but still have to look in stackoverflow or github on how to deal with certain issues (old/new). The most problematic for me was trying to install postgresql but there was always a problem. After 5 hours of trying to resolve the issue with postgresql by all means, I decided to use MySQL with the help of pymysql library and it worked just fine. Thank you for making it so interesting that I never let a single issue stop me from completing every lesson successfully. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications download udemy paid courses for free

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