The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save,Protect,Make Udemy Courses Free Download


The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save,Protect,Make Udemy Courses Free Download

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30,116 students enrolled
Created by Chris Haroun, Complete Business Education with Chris Haroun
Last updated 2/2020

The Complete Personal Finance Course Download Udemy Videos Free

This course includes
16 hours on-demand video
2 articles
7 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
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3 Courses in 1! Save,Protect & Make More! By an Award Winning MBA Professor, VC & Best Selling Online Business Teacher.

The Complete Personal Finance Course Download Udemy Paid Courses For Free

How to profit from the INCREDIBLE Power of Compound Interest
100+ Ways to Save More…Including the following ways:
14 Ways to Save More on Taxes

How to Teach Your Children About Saving
How to Protect Your Money by Understanding Your Net Worth (Creating and Understanding Your Balance Sheet….Meaning “What You Own and What You Owe”)
Understand if You Should Hire a Financial Advisor to Help Protect Your Money
Understand Why Hiring an Accountant Might be the Best Investment You Might Ever Make
How Taxes + Retirement Accounts Work & Why We Need to Minimize How Much Tax We Pay
How Much You Need to Retire The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save,Protect Udemy Courses For Free Download
Understand and Taking Advantage of Tax Incentives, which Help You Save BIG TIME for Education/Sc
Protect Your Money by Making a Monthly Budget
Avoid Getting Ripped off on Fees
Understanding Wills and Trusts
View, Understand and Fix Your Credit Score/Rating (So You Can Get a Loan or Mortgage)
Understand Life Insurance
Understand Auto Insurance
How to Pay Less Tax Strategies
Understand Home and Property Insurance
Understand Health Insurance
Prevent Identity Theft
Understand Credit Cards
Understand Loans
Understand Leases
What Are the Qualities of Billionaires (5 Characteristics of Billionaires I Have Worked For)
Understand the Damage that High Investment Fees Can do to Our Net Worth! Personal Finance Course Free Udemy Tutorials
Make More by Learning How to Avoid Paying High Investment Fees
Understand Why and How to Pick Investments from Index Funds
Manage Your Investments with Your Investment Portfolio Management System (Included in the
How & Why Do Interest Rates Change & Why this is Important for Investors to Understand?
Understand Foreign Exchange Currency Movements Udemy 100 Free Coupon
How Bonds Work and How Can Governments Stimulate the Economy? The Complete React Native And Redux Course
Understand Real Bonds – No Theory! (With Real Corporate and International Government Bond Investment Examples)
How to Invest in Bonds
Add Bond Investments to Your Portfolio Get Any Paid Udemy Course You Want For Free
How to Invest in Commodities
Add Commodity Investments to Your Portfolio
Introduction to Your Most Important Personal Investment & How Much Should to Spend on a House Download Udemy Videos Free
How Mortgages Work & How to Calculate Payments (Fixed Rates Versus Interest Only Rates & More)
How to Calculate Mortgage Payments and Know What Happens When Rates Change
What You Need to Know if Considering Investment Properties The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save,Protect Udemy Tutorials Free Download
How Much to Spend on an Investment Property
Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts
Adding Real Estate Investment Trust Investments to Your Portfolio
Investment Types to Consider Avoiding Given Liquidity Risks Download Udemy Videos Free
Diversification Strategies and Your Diversified “Model Portfolio”
Should You Start Your Own Business & Have >1 Income Stream? 100% YES!
Customize Your Own Complete Personal Finance Excel Dashboard (I Will Teach You How to Customize and Create Your Own Version of the Excel Dashboard Document Used for ALL 25 Exercises in this Course)

What are the secrets of billionaires?
Understanding and improving your credit score
Wills, trusts and estate planning
How much should you spend on a house and how to calculate your mortgage payments
Creating your perfect budget
The best way to file taxes
How retirement accounts work and how to decrease the amount of taxes you will pay, which will lead to significant increases in your long term net worth
Protecting your family and your possessions using insurance products
Understanding and increasing your net worthSome of the Make Money topics and exercises covered in the course are:

Investing in stocks
Investing in bonds
Investing in commodities
Investing in real estate and more
How to create your own diversified Investment Portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate investment trusts
Minimizing the ridiculous fees that you pay your bank and investment companies


Chris Haroun is a top notch teacher and his presentations are amazing. He is very likable (always using the phrases “please and thank you” and smiling) while his corny jokes/side comments are actually pretty dang funny. Chris will explain tricky subject several times and use different approaches to help reinforce learning. He packs his courses with a ton of value including spreadsheets, Microsoft excel training (so many useful tips), internet resources and a wide variety of knowledge. You will not regret taking his courses.

The course is worth the money. He’s easy to understand and the third part of the course is my favorite.

i have gained quite a bit and i appreciate all hard work you have put in to create the course. love the way you operate i think young kids or parents should be taking this course very early in life.

Course Introduction & How to Take this Course
3 lectures
17:50Part 1 of 3: Save [MORE] Money & Making Your Money Work For You!
4 lectures

Save by Calculating Where Your Cash is Going: Your CURRENT Income Statement
3 lectures

More than 100 Ways to Save MUCH More:Creating Your NEWIMPROVED Income Statement
22 lectures

Changing Your Perception of Saving Money Saving Money and Your Kids
2 lectures

Part 2 of 3: Protect [MORE] Money (Many Ways to Protect Your Money)
6 lectures

Protect Your Money with These Tax Strategies
7 lectures

Protect $ by Having an Organized Filing System, Tracking Bills & More
4 lectures

Protect Your Money by Creating a Budget & Picking the Right Bank
4 lectures

Protect Your Family with Wills & Trusts and Accessing & Fixing Your Credit Score
2 lectures

Protect Your Family and Your Assets with Insurance Products
6 lectures

Protecting Your Money, Credit Cards, Loans and Leases
3 lectures

Profiles of Successful Wealthy People & How they Protect and Manage Their Money
2 lectures

Part 3 of 3: Make [MORE] Money (Ways to Make Your Money Work for You)
3 lectures

Index Funds Examples
3 lectures

Introduction to your Investment Portfolio Management System
2 lectures

Make Money with Stocks
7 lectures

Stock Valuations, Mutual Funds & Warren Buffett’s Favorite Type of Investments
3 lectures

Make Money with Bonds & Commodities (& Understanding Interest Rates)
10 lectures

Make Money with Real Estate
7 lectures

Make More with Diversification & Your Make Money Checklist
5 lectures

Course Conclusion & Customizing Your Complete Personal Finance Excel Dashboard
13 lectures

Bonus Materials
1 lecture


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