[Download] The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications udemy courses for free download

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications udemy courses for free download

4.5 (30,468 ratings)
149,287 students enrolled
Created by Ardit Sulce
Last updated 10/2019

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications free udemy tutorials

This course includes
23.5 hours on-demand video
68 articles
47 downloadable resources
70 coding exercises
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

A complete Python course for both beginners and intermediates! Master Python 3 by making 10 amazing Python apps.

Go from a total beginner to a confident Python programmer
Create 10 real-world Python programs (no toy programs)
Solidify your skills with bonus practice activities throughout the course
Create an app that translates English words
Create a web-mapping app on the browser
Create a portfolio website and publish it on a real server
Create a desktop app for storing data for books
Create a webcam video app that detects moving objects
Create a web scraper
Create a data visualization app
Create a database app
Create a geocoding web app
Create a website blocker
Send automated emails
Analyze and visualize data
Use Python to schedule programs based on computer events.
Learn OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
Learn GUIs (Graphical-User Interfaces)

The Python Mega Course free tutorials download

5 lectures

The Basics: Small Program
4 lectures

The Basics: Data Types
14 lectures

The Basics: Operations with Data Types
8 lectures

The Basics: Functions and Conditionals
10 lectures

The Basics: Processing User Input
4 lectures

The Basics: Loops
9 lectures

Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Program
5 lectures

List Comprehensions
4 lectures

More on Functions
6 lectures

File Processing
9 lectures

Imported Modules
5 lectures

Application 1: Build an Interactive English Dictionary
15 lectures

Project Exercise with Python and MySQL: Interactive English Dictionary
3 lectures

Data Analysis with Pandas
18 lectures

5 lectures

Application 2: Create Webmaps with Python and Folium
16 lectures

Fixing Programming Errors
5 lectures

Application 3: Build a Website Blocker
10 lectures

Application 4: Build a Personal Website with Python and Flask
12 lectures

Graphical User Interfaces with Tkinter
5 lectures

Interacting with Databases
6 lectures

Application 5: Build a Desktop Database Application
9 lectures

Object Oriented Programming
8 lectures

Python for Image and Video Processing with OpenCV
8 lectures

Application 6: Build a Webcam Motion Detector
3 lectures

Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh
17 lectures

Webscraping with Python Beautiful Soup
4 lectures

Application 7: Scrape Real Estate Property Data from the Web
9 lectures

Application 8: Build a Web-based Financial Graph
12 lectures

Application 9: Build a Data Collector Web App with PostGreSQL and Flask
11 lectures

Application 10: Project Exercise on Building a Geocoder Web Service
4 lectures

Legacy Exercises
0 lectures

Offers for my Other Python Courses
1 lecture

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications free tutorials udemy Amazing course that takes you from the very basics to creating real, useful apps. I liked how the first few practical lessons teach you working with only one library (geocoding, flask, pandas, bokeh etc.) only to slowly combine more and more of them in the next lessons, until the final ones, where all of them are combined and used together. This really helps you solidify and exercise your skills.

The data structure part is very effective, but I do not think the algorithm part can help.

In addition, dynamic programming is supposed to be an extremely important topic.

Excellent support and explanations!

Interesting, useful and real world projects and app to keep me learning!

I am glad that I took this course and finished it.

Definitely learned a lot in this course. I took it knowing the best way to learn is by doing, and we definitely did a lot of that. So that alone is worth a great rating.

This course provides a solid foundation for the applications of python language in data science and programming. I must say that following this course was a useful, interesting and even fun experience.

The course is very practical and video lectures go over enough detail to develop a broad understanding of Python modules and packages.

This course is really awesome. I gave this feedback at the end of this course so I am familiar to all the course structure. This is the best python course among I have ever done. In this course one can explore different fields of python with hands on projects those are really cool. Moreover Instructor is very supportive to give quick answer to your question. Its suggested to take this course to know and learn python. And Thanks A Lot to Instructor to create such a nice course.


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