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Learn Python Programming and Conduct Real-World Financial Analysis in Python – Complete Python Training
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Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics udemy course free download

Python for Finance Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics

Learn how to code in Python
Take your career to the next level
Work with Python’s conditional statements, functions, sequences, and loops
Work with scientific packages, like NumPy
Understand how to use the data analysis toolkit, Pandas
Plot graphs with Matplotlib
Use Python to solve real-world tasks
Get a job as a data scientist with Python
Acquire solid financial acumen
Carry out in-depth investment analysis
Build investment portfolios
Calculate risk and return of individual securities
Calculate risk and return of investment portfolios
Apply best practices when working with financial data
Use univariate and multivariate regression analysis
Understand the Capital Asset Pricing Model
Compare securities in terms of their Sharpe ratio
Perform Monte Carlo simulations
Learn how to price options by applying the Black Scholes formula
Be comfortable applying for a developer job in a financial institution

Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics free online udemy courses

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Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics free courses on udemy 2020

Blown away by the quality. Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics udemy course free download I have next to none experience with programming, I found the lessons to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The accompanying lesson notes are nice refresh post lessons and well done.

The programming experience for a beginner user is amazing and the concepts of finance are well explained. I definitely recommend dive in this course for anybody interested in up-grade their career. Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics udemy courses free direct download

The lectures were too clear in explaining basic concepts and application. This course made me want to do more python programs.

I expected much more of Python applications for Finance, especially for Monte Carlo simulations and portfolio investments. Overall, however, the course is well explained and interesting for people getting into Python for Finance for the first time. It makes you understand how this field works.

111 lectures

Welcome! Course Introduction
2 lectures

Introduction to programming with Python
7 lectures

Python Variables and Data Types
3 lectures

Basic Python Syntax
7 lectures

Python Operators Continued
2 lectures

Conditional Statements
4 lectures

Python Functions
7 lectures

Python Sequences
5 lectures

Using Iterations in Python
6 lectures

Advanced Python tools
16 lectures

PART II FINANCE: Calculating and Comparing Rates of Return in Python
10 lectures

PART II Finance: Measuring Investment Risk
10 lectures

PART II Finance – Using Regressions for Financial Analysis
4 lectures

PART II Finance – Markowitz Portfolio Optimization
4 lectures

Part II Finance – The Capital Asset Pricing Model
8 lectures

Part II Finance: Multivariate regression analysis
2 lectures

PART II Finance – Monte Carlo simulations as a decision-making tool
13 lectures

1 lecture

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