Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase [Download Free] Torrent

Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase [Download Free]

Create a complete, full-stack chat application from front to back with React, Redux, Firebase 5, and Semantic UI React free udemy tutorials

Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase torrent download free

4.4 (525 ratings)
2,943 students enrolled
Created by Reed Barger
Last updated 12/2019

66 lectures

Required / Optional Tools
2 lectures

Project Setup
3 lectures

User Authentication with Firebase
2 lectures

Form Validation and Authentication Error Handling
4 lectures

Integrate Redux for Global State
3 lectures

Building Out Chat Console
5 lectures

Adding / Displaying Public Channels
7 lectures

Adding / Displaying Messages on Public Channels
4 lectures

Adding / Uploading Messages with Media Files
5 lectures

Sending Direct Messages to Users
7 lectures

Notifications for New Messages on Public Channels
1 lecture

Starred Component to Favorite / Unfavorite Channels
3 lectures

MetaPanel Component to Display Channel Info
3 lectures

Color Picker to Change App Colors
3 lectures

Change and Edit User Avatar Images
3 lectures

Display Animation when Users Typing
3 lectures

Adding Emoji Picker, Loading Skeleton, Automatic Scroll to Bottom, Key Shortcuts
4 lectures

Removing Listeners, Securing our App with Firebase Rules
3 lectures

Deploying our App with Firebase Tools
1 lecture

Great course, but very fast. If instructor slowed down a bit this would be perfect. And I don’t mean in terms of speed, as in 2x’ing to fix. I’m referring to pausing for a second after typing a line of code, so that the user can easily pause to copy or code along. Changes are made and off the screen before instructor has even finished saying what he was about to type. I think stating okay, now we’ll add the users… type the few lines, re-iterate what each line does, pause for 1 second then move to next task. Otherwise, app looks great and works great. Finding tutorials with apps that actually work and look great are rare, so thank you. Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase udemy free online courses with certificate

Reed explains things super clear, and he is very responsive in the Q&A section. The lecture’s pace is good and easy to follow.

The course covers some really useful things, too bad the instructor does not really bother to explain them. He mostly just says what he does, but he never really says why and what is takeaway from that, how you could use it in your own app (e.g. as a beginner, i would definitely would have appreciated more information on the firebase functions). He also goes very fast and the app is not responsive. I didn’t get an answer for my question in the Q&A either, so maybe the instructor does not monitor the course anymore. Other than that, it was good practice, but there are lots of places for improvement. Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase udemy free certificate courses

Good course with valuable information, I got knowledge of Redux and Firebase in one course. Sometimes it is very quick and the instructor doesn’t comment some of his actions, I had to use 0.5x speed most of the time, so there are ways to improve things. But the level of knowledge he gives is high, so I would recommend it anyway.

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