All about NodeJS udemy courses free download Torrent

All about NodeJS udemy courses free download Torrent

All about NodeJS download Torrent

Create & Deploy High Performance Node JS Apps on the Cloud and More !
4.3 (1,386 ratings)
11,500 students enrolled
Created by Sachin Bhatnagar
Last updated 8/2019


All about NodeJS udemy online courses download

What you’ll learn
  • Build High Performance and Scalable Apps using NodeJS
  • Learn about ES6 with my free eBook – ECMAScript 6 QuickBytes
  • Use NodeJS Streams to write a Web Server
  • Use the Node Package Manager (NPM) for managing dependencies
  • Use the Express 4 Framework for building NodeJS Apps
  • Use the EJS templating language
  • Understand MongoDB as a NoSQL Database
  • Create & Use MongoDB Databases using services like MongoLab
  • Create Realtime Apps that use Web Sockets
  • Upload & Resize Images using NodeJS
  • Integrate Authentication using Social Media Sites like Facebook
  • Structure the NodeJS app into modules
  • Create and Deploy EC2 Cloud Server Instances on Amazon Web Services
  • Create and Use Amazon’s S3 Storage Service with NodeJS
  • Use Amazon’s Cloudfront Service
  • Using Amazon’s Elastic IP
  • Configure Security Groups, Ports & Forwarding on Amazon EC2
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on the EC2 Instance
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on Heroku
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on Digital Ocean
  • Install & Deploy NGINX as a Reverse Proxy Server for NodeJS Apps
  • Configure NGINX as a Load Balancer
  • Learn about Enterprise Integration
  • Create an app using the incredible Hapi framework
  • Learn more about logging using the Hapi framework
  • Learn to use ES6 with Nodejs
  • Install & Deploy Apache Apollo MQ with Nodejs and a Python Script


This course includes
15.5 hours on-demand video
4 articles
20 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

All about NodeJSdownload udemy paid courses for free 2019

2 lectures

Installing NodeJS
4 lectures

NodeJS Fundamentals
13 lectures

MongoDB 101
4 lectures

NodeJS Frameworks
3 lectures

ChatCAT – Creating a Realtime Multiroom Chat App & Deploying it on Heroku
59 lectures

Node.JS on Amazon Web Services !
23 lectures

NodeJS and NGINX for the Kill !
7 lectures

Enterprise Integration | ES6 | HapiJS
19 lectures

2 lectures


Really good introduction. Concise, inspirational, really sells why I should use NodeJS

All about NodeJS udemy online courses download One of the best Node courses on Udemy! Really enjoyed the curse. And is constantly being updated, which is a big plus for me.

Excellent teaching skill of Sachin. All topics are covered with very fine details. Teaching style of Sachin is unique and unmatched. Great instructor with great knowledge.

Very advanced concepts, well thought out, simple but complete explanations

I have just started the course. Sachin is explaining it very well, excited to continue the journey of learning nodejs. Good job Sachin!

Already in the first module I learned allot about Node JS that I didnt know before I tool the course. The instructor makes the content clear and easy to understand. Be a beginner and new learner for application Development and Node JS it becomes really important for how the instructor teach’s the course. I have been on the Infrastructure side of things for almost 25 years and also cloud since 2011 and also know a good deal about release, CICD, and containers. but I dont know how to write code. Looking forward to the rest of the course and learning more about node js and learning to write code.

All about NodeJS download free

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